The Rnewelf monster tcg project

About to release this product on the world’s largest crowdfunding website, the first generation of precious limited edition numbered, tradable card, with collection value, art appreciation value, and extremely high transaction value.
Currently, we have more than 6,000 fans on Instagram, close to 7,000 fans on facebook, and interest groups for buying and selling rnewelfTCG cards with more than 5,700 fans. The data does not include other social media.At the same time, there is the recognition and recommendation of product verification by YouTube Million Dreams fan bloggers. Not only that:

Newswire and Yahoo have reported on us, which proves that we have great potential for release. This is also the opportunity for you to get the priority of global distributors

If you’re worried about sales, here’s the data to show that, unlike the completely new tcg cards on the market, most of our fan audience is already made up of similar fans of pokemon, which has hundreds of millions of similar audiences, which means you don’t have to worry about not having enough buyers. Including the popular consumers who love the style of pet fairies!

On the contrary, it provides consumers with a whole new choice and stimulates their desire for buying experiences. We have established partnerships with many merchants from all over the world.

We provide products:

TCG cards + plush toys + collectible elf toys,etc.

We’re launching this new family casual board card game on kickstarter. In addition to the basic box and boosters, each set includes the basic collection of genie cards, skill cards, energy cards, props cards, alliance cards and many other game supporting fun content. Not only that, participating in this support to our crowdfunding goal will also unlock 11 expanded products, including multiple companion options and genie toy options.

We're launching this new game on kickstarter in September.

What is kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform where elite publishers from around the world showcase their ideas. Gather support fans and money to launch your product.The support process is the same as online shopping, except there are more precious game products and items that are not available on the market. This is a very fascinating event! It attracts thousands of project supporters and you are one of the lucky ones.

It is based in New York and can be found on Google

We have enough data and investors who love these cute little creatures. You are a great project for backer to participate in and help us make this idea a reality faster! We experienced 10 years of waiting, and extremely difficult conditions, unimaginable investment! It’s not easy with all of our production and careful preparation cycles, and you’ll be shocked to see how our creations, including hundreds of fairy characters and accompanying products, are designed to bring positive joy to the world and positively impact the next generation! This is an unusual project! The real benefit of others and self-interest!

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It also gives you a chance to break through the competition!

Not only that, you will get a huge payoff, subscribe to our project now, you will also be able to participate in the next release of 17 unlock packages, not available outside, only for the first generation of support backer, we already have more than 3000 subscription decision makers. Includes card games and toy stores by state. One step ahead To learn how to play and ask more questions, click on the link below to watch our introductory video